Our Staff

Wesley Lum – President and CEO
Donavan Lam – Controller
Eun Jeong Lee – SCSEP National Director
Lois Kohashi-Sinclair – SEE and ACES National Director
Heather Chun – Director of Technical Assistance
Ashley Muraoka-Mamaclay – Director of Outreach and Education
Tyrell Ma’ae – Executive Assistant

Chicago Staff
Nancy Jih – SCSEP Project Director
Michelle Kuo – SEE Project Director

Los Angeles Staff
Miriam Suen – SCSEP Project Director
Harris Lee – SCSEP Project Coordinator
Catalina Deltette – SCSEP Intake/Eligibility Worker
Alejandro Corona – SCSEP Program Support Worker

Seattle Staff
Annie Feng – SCSEP National Assistant
Tom Tran – SCSEP Data Specialist
Cindy Tang – SCSEP Case Manager

Catherine Lei-Che – Senior Helpline Representative
H.K. Yee – Project Assistant and Translator
Rita Lei – Chinese Helpline Staff
Catherina Kim – Korean Helpline Staff
Young Ko – Korean Helpline Staff
David Pan – Vietnamese Helpline Staff

Susan Collado – Cash Accountant
Genoveva “Genie” Loteria – Accountant
Alice Teng – Payroll Supervisor
Grace Villanueva – Payroll Assistant
Cindy Yu – Accounting Specialist

Brianna Brown – Administrative Assistant
Prepedigma “Cora” McDonnell – Program Assistant

Washington DC Staff
Ling Wang – SEE Project Director

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