SEE Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) Program?

The SEE Program is a federally-funded employment program that recruits dynamic and qualified senior citizens, age 55 and over, to provide technical and administrative support at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) headquarters in Washington, DC; at EPA regional offices and laboratories across the country; and at various federal, state, and local environmental offices. The SEE Program is authorized by the Environmental Programs Assistance Act of 1984 and is administered for the EPA by national non-profit organizations. SEE positions are temporary in nature and run year to year with renewable agreements, based on need and funding for the agency.

Who Operates the SEE Program for the Environmental Protection Agency?

There are six national non-profit aging organizations that receive grant / cooperative agreement funds from the EPA for the SEE Program. In this capacity, these agencies help recruit qualified individuals for participation in the SEE Program and manage human resource-related issues for those candidates they successfully place in the program.

What are the Qualifications to be a Participant in the SEE Program?

The candidate must meet the specific skills of a particular SEE position (as is the case when looking for any job). They must be at least 55 years of age and legally able to work in the United States.

What is the recruitment process like?

After you submit your resume to the National Sponsoring-SEE office and it is determined that you might be an appropriate candidate for a SEE position, the National Sponsor office will pre-screen you for an interview to learn more about your background and skills. The National Sponsor office will then make a further determination as to whether or not your skills would likely meet the specific needs of a particular EPA office with an open SEE position. If so, your resume, along with those of other pre-screened and potentially qualified candidates, will be forwarded to the EPA office for review. Should that EPA office be interested in your resume, the National Sponsor’s office or someone from EPA will contact you again, and set up an interview for you with the EPA office. Your resume may potentially be submitted to more than one EPA office worksite for an interview.

Am I guaranteed a position if I submit my resume?

No. While the National Sponsors work closely with the different EPA offices to recruit qualified individuals for SEE positions, the enrollment decision ultimately rests with the EPA office to which each open position belongs. Moreover, employment through the SEE Program is not an entitlement. The process is competitive, and the position will be offered only to the candidate whose particular skills best match the needs of the position, as determined by the EPA office.

If enrolled in the SEE Program, would I be a Federal Employee?

No. SEE workers are not federal EPA employees, nor are they employees of the grantee organization. Workers in the SEE Program are referred to as SEE Enrollees.

If enrolled in the SEE Program, who would be my supervisor?

With regard to work responsibilities, each SEE enrollee receives day-to-day direction and guidance from a designated federal EPA employee within the EPA office where the SEE enrollee works. This designated EPA employee is referred to as the SEE enrollee’s monitor. There is one monitor for each SEE position, and the monitor is usually the one who not only interviews prospective candidates for the position but also makes the enrollment decision. For human resource-related issues, enrollees should refer questions to the National Sponsor’s office personnel.

What particular skills are required for a SEE position?

It depends. There are four levels of positions within the SEE Program:
Level I ($7.27 – $9.70) – Non-Typing (messenger, receptionist, and filing clerk)
Level II ($8.78 – $12.12) – Typing (clerk / typist, secretary, administrative assistant)
Level III ($10.30 – $13.92) – Technical, Non-Degree (writer-editor, technical writer or researcher)
Level IV ($12.72 – $18.16)Individuals with Degrees (engineer, scientist)

For each open SEE position, the monitor in charge will inform the National Sponsor’s SEE office of the specific skills required. The National Sponsor’s offices will then recruit and submit for consideration appropriate candidates. SEE positions may be full- or part-time, depending on the needs of the EPA office filling the position.

What about pay and benefits?

Pay is determined by the level of the SEE position and starting salaries start at each level’s entry rate. Benefits include ten paid holidays (following the federal holiday schedule), one additional holiday per year, determined by the National Sponsor, vacation, sick leave, and health insurance (for those who work 30 hours or more each week).