Helping Seniors Understand the Basics of Medicare

2013 Medicare Amounts (CMS)

CMS National Training Program information sheet on Medicare premiums and deductibles for 2013 in multiple Asian and Pacific Islander languages. Learn More

Quick Reference to Preventive Services (CMS)

Information from the Medicare Learning Network  on preventive services covered by Medicare. Learn More

Medicare Fact Sheet

NAPCA fact sheet on Medicare and programs for low-income beneficiaries. Learn More

NAPCA Medicare booklets

NAPCA developed and translated two Medicare handbooks into Chinese, Khmer (Cambodian), Korean, Samoan, and Vietnamese.  The first booklet, What is Medicare?,  gives a general overview of Medicare, including what healthcare services it covers, who qualifies, and how to sign up for Medicare.  The second booklet, Get Help Paying for Your Prescription Drug and Healthcare Costs, explains different programs available to help seniors pay for their healthcare costs. Booklets produced with support from a generous grant from the Walmart Foundation.

English What Is Medicare Get Help Paying for Your Healthcare and Prescription Drug Costs
Chinese 什麼是聯邦醫療保險 (Medicare)? 獲得有關支付您的保健和處方藥費用的幫助 
Khmer តើ Medicare ជាអ្វី? ការបានទទួលជំនួយបង់ការចំណាយលើការថែទាំសុខភាព និងការចំណាយលើថ្លៃថ្នាំពេទ្យតាមវេជ្ជបញ្ជា របស់អ្នក
Korean 메디케어(Medicare)란? 보건 및 처방약 지출비용 지원 안내 
Samoan O le ā le Metikea (Medicare)? E Maua le Fesoasoani i le Totogia o Au Tausiga Faafomai ma Tau o Vailaau mai Fomai  
Vietnamese Medicare là gì? Tìm nơi giúp trả chi phí thuốc theo toa và chi phí y tế của quý vị


Applying for Medicare Part D and Low Income Subsidy

Medicare Part D

LIS Forms:

English |  Chinese  |  Korean |  Vietnamese

Plan Finder Forms:

English  |  Chinese  |  Korean  | Vietnamese

Low Income Subsidy

The Medicare Part D Enrollment period may be over, but some seniors still have a chance to save money with ‘Extra Help’. Read more about about the Limited Income Subsidy (LIS) on the U.S. Government’s Social Security website here and here.

To apply for LIS and help someone you know save an average of $3900 on prescription drug costs, click on the following Asian language application forms:

Chinese  |  Korean  |  Vietnamese

Call the NAPCA Helpline for assistance on completing these forms or applying for these programs.

The Affordable Care Act and Our Seniors

Application Forms

Individual short form

Individual short form instructions

Individual without financial assistance

Individual without financial assistance instructions

Family form

Family form instructions

Health Insurance Marketplace Materials in Asian Languages Learn More