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To Our Amazing Donors,

NAPCA’s culturally appropriate and specialized programs are as important today as when our organization was founded over 35 years ago. The cultural, economic, and linguistic barriers faced by AAPI older adults are overwhelming and often prevent access to resources for which many are qualified and eligible to receive. Thank you for joining us in working toward a more secure and vibrant future for all AAPI seniors.



What Does Your Donation Go Towards?

Assisting seniors in receiving on-the-job training leading to employment.

Providing multilingual counseling to ease the confusion of prescription drug plans.

Helping NAPCA continue to be the nationally recognized advocate for, and data-driven authority on, AAPI older adults.

Building capacity and investing in others so that they can better help AAPI older adults live with dignity and respect.

Your generosity shines the spotlight on AAPI older adults and prevents our diverse populations from remaining invisible.

Some of the most important things in life aren’t things we possess, but the legacy we have created, knowingly or unknowingly, during our lifetime. This program definitely has great potential for each enrollee to leave a legacy in our work place, in our society, and above all in our immediate and extended family.

J.C.SEE Enrollee

Joining NAPCA SCSEP was a turning point in my life - I had the chance to learn new skills, meet new friends and be able to work with others as part of a team. Each day gives me a deeper meaning and fulfillment in my life, knowing I have become more independent, no longer a total burden to my children or to society. I am now able to give back to the community that has not only been caring and generous to all, but most of all to its seniors.

C.D.Former SCSEP Participant

This job has been truly a rewarding experience for me, keeping me engaged in the farm community and protecting the natural resources of this beautiful county.

A.C.ACES Enrollee

I called the Helpline to help me enroll in a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. After reviewing my current plan and medications, which cost over $7,450 per year, NAPCA staff helped me enroll in a new Part D plan that would cost $1,200 per year, saving me $6,250.

W.K.Multilingual Helpline Caller

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